Spreading Napa's Bounty to New York and New Jersey

“The Premiere auction is open only to members of the wine trade and serves as a sneak preview of sorts of the upcoming vintage and a guide as to which wines and wineries are hot.”
The Wall Street Journal, 3/13/14

Big Gains for Napa Valley Vintners at Premiere Napa Valley

“The wines sold at Premiere are one-of-a-kind cuvées made in small quantities and sold to members of the wine trade.”
Wine Spectator, 2/26/14

Premiere Napa Valley Hits It Out of the Park

“This year's Premiere Napa Valley told a tale of exuberance--exuberant wines and bidders.”
Wine Enthusiast, 2/24/14

Premiere Napa Valley Auction Doubles Sales Record

“Many 2012 wines have yet to be released, but that didn't deter trade buyers from vying for the critically-acclaimed vintage.”
Decanter.com, 2/24/14

Premiere Auction Raises Record-Breaking $6M

“The money raised will help the Napa Valley Vintners trade association continue their important work in promoting and protecting the appellation.”
The Drinks Business, 2/24/14

Scarecrow Comes Alive at Napa Auction

“Take that, Bordeaux.”
wine-searcher.com, 2/24/14

Premiere Wine Auction Nets $5.9 Million

“The heady auction total was undoubtedly fueled by the industry's anticipation of the superb 2012 harvest.”
Wines & Vines, 2/24/14

Premiere Napa Valley Breaks Previous Record, Raises $6 Million

“Premiere Napa Valley was this past Saturday and it was one for the record books.”
Mutineer, 2/24/14

Napa Valley Premiere - Competitive Juices Yield Record Prices

“It's the best meet-and-greet-and-taste that this country's most important wine region offers.”
NorCal Wine, 2/24/14

Big 2012 Lot Boosts Premiere Napa Valley Wine Auction

“There was a lot of love in the room.”
Napa Valley Register, 2/22/14